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Choosing the perfect tiles for your house


Your house is your pride, comfort and a place where you can be yourself. When you are buying a house, each and every material installed needs to be upto the mark and compliment the interior design. For example, tiles installed across the house are extremely important. A tile can enhance the appearance of each room of your house – be it the kitchen, to the bathroom to the bedroom. Here are a few tips on choosing the right tile for your house. Also, its a good choice to considering 3d tiles for your .

For the exteriors

Your porch, balcony, swimming pool, walk way and even garden needs tiles that will exposed maximum to nature (rains, sun or even snow.) Choosing a tile that is anti-skidding, dries fast during rains and soaks heat slowly during summers can make your exteriors welcoming. In most houses, natural stone finishes are popular. In addition, since natural stone comes in earthy colours and is not manufactured, it has a classic and homey look. Depending on your budget, you can go for the size, texture and colour of the natural stone. T

Drawing room

A drawing room is multi-functional. Your family members will use it to hang out with their friends, watch television, unwind after a long day or even use the couch to sleep in the night. In effect, it is a perfect place for wear and tear of tiles. If you do not select wisely, then the tiles will get damaged and tarnished within a few years of installation. Therefore, ceramic tiles are great option for your drawing room tiles. Choose a dark colour that has a smooth texture, which is also anti-abrasion and anti-skidding. Since your drawing room is also the place you allow visitors while they call on you, make sure that it is in contrast with the room’s interiors. You can also explore with printed tiles or 3D tiles, keeping the lighting and colour combination of the room in mind.

For the kitchen

A kitchen is a place that all the food activities and conversations take place. Your kitchen will be the most active and therefore, should be the warmest place of your house. You have multiple options to choose from bamboo, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and glass. Just ensure that the tile should be resistant to marks or stains or maintenance will prove very costly for you.

In addition, if you want the kitchen to look bright, go for colours such as pastel green, light blue or pale yellow. However, avoid white tiles, as you will face difficulty in keeping it clean, especially, if you have children in the house.

For the countertops, ceramic or porcelain tiles work the best, as there are innumerable options when it comes to colour, design and cost. Remember, choose the type that requires least maintenance, even if they are a bit costly.


In terms of functionality, the bedroom is the least used as it is used for resting or getting ready to work. Since, the prominent function is to rest, it is best that you choose floor tiles that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Most commonly used tiles are porcelain or cork tile, which is slowly becoming popular as it adds to the aesthetics of the room. Since bedrooms are not usually open for guests, you can be adventurous with the design. Explore the options in terms of designs and texture, so that you can do away carpeting the bedroom and enjoy the feel of the floor under your feet. You can also explore option of installing electric floor heating which will keep your room warm during the winters.

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