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Tiles are easy to maintain

Every house has a space assigned for various activities — dining room for eating, bedroom for relaxing and sleeping, living room for spending time with family, study for reading, bathroom for cleaning, and kitchen is the space allocated for cooking. Many consider cooking to be an art as it transforms the food into a palatable and tasty concoction. As cooking is an art, the environment and décor of the kitchen should be suitable to ensure a seamless execution of this art form. Thus for good cooking, a beautiful kitchen is needed.

Kitchens are mainly decorated with tiles, not just for aesthetic appeal but also for practical reasons. However, the type and look of tile you choose will influence your cooking greatly. Homemakers spend a lot of time in the kitchen, performing this art. How a kitchen is decorated depends greatly on the aesthetic sense of the homemaker. Kitchen tiles play a vital role in making the kitchen look pretty. A pretty and cozy kitchen will increase your desire to work in that kitchen. Artistic tiles make the kitchen look beautiful.

In Singapore, many apartments are coming up with the state-of-the-art architecture. These apartments are for the new professional class in Singapore. They have beautiful modular kitchens. Thus, kitchen tiles in Singapore are found in various shapes and designs.

Tile Maintenance:

One practical reason for using tiles is that it is not only very resilient and hard, but also very easy to maintain. Cleaning the tile is very easy. A simple process of cleaning involves:

  • Sweep the floor: ensure that you sweep the floor daily. You can also use vacuum cleaners. This cleans the loose dust and dirt that accumulate on the floor. If this dust is made to sit for a long time, they turn into grime that is quite stubborn and requires a lot of scrubbing.
  • Mop the floor: use warm water and detergent to mop the floor, especially if there are stains on the floor. Mopping the floor daily retains the shine of the tile and makes it look new.
  • Dry the floor: use a dry mop to dry the floor. This will prevent new dirt from settling on the floor, and creating a stain.

Kitchen tiles in Singapore are cleaned in this way. Apart from this try and avoid acidic or bleaching cleaners as they may damage your floor. Avoid wax-based cleaners and never scrub with metal based scrubbers as they may cause permanent scratches.

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