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Using Dermal Fillers To Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Time can certainly take its toll on the texture and elasticity of the skin. In the past, people who were looking to fight back against the signs of aging had to invest in costly, invasive procedures. Now, however, dermal fillers provide a safe, fast and effective alternative. Best of all, treatments involving these products do not involve tissue removal or cutting.

As the skin loses elasticity, it can start to sag. This can cause loose, hanging skin around the mouth that cosmetic doctors commonly refer to as jowls. It can also create a low-handing brow, frown lines, laugh lines and a host of other wrinkles. Fillers plump the skin and give it a full and youthful look.

Given that these products are used as part of short, outpatient procedures, people can use them at any time. There is no need to plan for an extended recovery period or take excessive time away from work. The typical procedure lasts just thirty minutes and entails very minimal risk. In fact, some people are even able to have their entire procedures performed during their lunch breaks.

One of the major benefits supplied by these products is the fact that they can supply immediate results. The typical filler is little more than a purified protein that is injected into the targeted area to produce additional fullness in areas in which elasticity has been lost. Thus, it is easily recognized by the body. In fact, some products have such a natural composition that they are actually absorbed by the body over time. Thus, it may be necessary to repeat a successful treatment once every two to three years.

During a treatment, doctors take stock of facial areas that have begun to show the signs of aging. They then make small marks to determine where the fillers should be injected. A moderate amount of filler is placed at each injection site and then the face is careful massaged to ensure even distribution and a smooth and natural-looking finish.

Some patients may experience moderate headaches for the first several minutes or hours after their injections are complete. If you receive these treatments, your provider will like suggest that your lie still for several hours in order to ensure that the filler does not migrate out of its intended position. Once the product has set, you will be free to resume your normal activities and can look forward to an instantly younger-looking visage.

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