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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wallpapering

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wallpapering

Before we take on a task, there are cautions we need to measure. In this case, our cautions are time, effort and money because that’s basically what we need in applying wallpaper on our walls. People choose wallpapering over painting for reasons such as durability and variation of styles. We take our time choosing the right tone and pattern to use in our homes. Some of us prefer having different designs for each bedroom, living room, hallways and other parts of the house. 

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Prior to any actions we take, the first step is to know what to do and not. Laura Gaskill has written how to find inspiration for our wallpaper and how to actually go for it.

Tempted to Try Wallpaper? 10 Tips for Finding the Right Pattern

Before you lay down a lot of cash, sit down with this advice for getting a wallpaper you’ll love for years

It can add texture, color, pattern or a painterly scene — even more so than paint, wallpaper can change the entire look of a room. But given the cost and the need for professional installation (a must), wallpaper can seem like a risky commitment. If you’ve been wanting to add wallpaper to your space but keep shying away, these 10 tips should help ease some of the fear factor. Armed with good information, you can find the right wallpaper for you. Find out these 10 tips now.


Wallpaper application tutorials all come down to the same bottom-line: think carefully of the mood you want the room to have. People commonly don’t want their bedrooms or living rooms to look stressful or lifeless, that’s why patterns and designs are extremely important because what we choose decides what we are going to feel every time we enter the house. Accuracy and compliment to household stuffs like color of the cupboard, style of the pots, the stove and furniture is also important. If everything goes along well, then we can say that we’ve done a good job on this wallpaper project and if not—well, there’s a thing called trial and error.


Fortunately, Alaina Blinks have provided us the details we need to consider and work on.

9 essential pieces of advice for choosing the perfect wallpaper

A well-chosen wallpaper that is sympathetic to the style of your home, and combines the right amount of colour and pattern to suit your taste, can create a striking individual look.


1.   Think carefully about the mood you wish to create when selecting a design.

2.     Consider whether you would like the colours and patterns in adjacent rooms to complement each other in style or tone.

3.    Small-scale prints have a subtle effect, are generally easier to live with and can be partnered with others

4.    Larger prints feel more dramatic and work best in spacious rooms, but they can also have the effect of making a smaller room feel more intimate and cosy. See the rest of the advices here.


Now that we are conscious of how to choose the right design for us, the application—or the real job itself can be challenging. Measurements should be accurate and pasting them proportionately can be tough especially if we are alone doing it so it’d be best to ask for some help and ease the work.


If there are articles that shows you how to do it, this piece form Shaistah Munawar will tell us how not to it.


5 Wallpaper Application Don’t


     Don’t hang wallpaper directly on a wall with defects including unevenness, stones, debris or underlying issues like prolonged stains, mould or burnt marks.

     Don’t use wallpaper fixing glue or other types of glue as it will be difficult to remove the wallpaper.

     Don’t wallpaper over an old one if your previous wallpaper is made of vinyl, as it will result in mould forming

     Don’t paper an entire room with a busy print, unless you’re looking to have a permanent headache.

     Don’t choose wallpaper without considering the rest of your furniture. Read more including on how to maintain your wallpaper here.



You learn from mistakes but consistent errors can be a waste of time, efforts and investment if we do not truly understand what we are about to do. Our walls at home should work with us gracefully the same way windows and door for us. By just reading what bloggers who have tried wallpapering can say is a big light bulb of ideas for us. Aside from the technicalities and designs, we should also make sure that we can afford the amount wallpaper we wish to use our projects.

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