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Finding The Right Pattern Of Wallpaper Is Now Easy With These 10 Tips

Wallpaper offers the gift of endless choices which is not fulfilled by paint, alone. Options exist for textures, patterns and colors which

can transform the look of any room. Despite the advantages offered by wallpapers, most homeowners are skeptical on installation. Wallpaper

installation is not recommended as a DIT project; it requires professionals. If youve always wanted a wall covered in wallpaper but dont know

how to choose a pattern, wallpaper Singapore offers these helpful 10 tips.

1.Make a record of wallpapers: The best way to decide on a pattern is by looking up images of home dcor ideas. There are magazines which are

devoted to home trends. Snap photos of wallpapers you like. Restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets have the most interesting designs. Once you have

a collection, it is easy to name the theme you like. It can be organic, nature inspired, graphic, bold or even abstract.

2.Choose a style you like: Even when you have a professional decorator assisting you, the final choice is yours. Stick to the style you find interesting.

Forget the labels of modern or traditional and go with your gut instinct. Take time out to figure the colors and patterns you are drawn to. Wallpapers must be an

extension of your personal style and not a passing fad. Ultimately, it is you wholl have to look at the . So, look for a style that you find attractive.

3.Test a sample: Wallpaper sampling is more important that paint. Most professionals recommend getting a sample before covering an entire wall. By pasting a

sample, you can decide on the matching fabrics and finishes to complete the look. Notice how the wallpaper looks different throughout the day.

4.The goal should be met: The intent of installing wallpaper is lost when you are not happy with the end result. What is the goal of the wallpaper? Are you

looking to make the space look modern or want a subtle highlight? Have multiple samples of different patterns before you decide.

5.Explore all the available options: Wallpapers are made of different materials. There is paper, sisal, grass cloth and textured paper to resemble stone,

wood and marble. Consider deep textures in warm colors if the goal is to add warmth to the living space.

6.Look at it from all angles: Choosing the right wallpaper is essential when a single wall is being covered. Peek into the room from outside and see how

you feel about it. Does it go with the theme of the entire house? Is it too jarring when you enter?

7.Avoid pattern fatigue: Install wallpapers in the room where you spend the least amount of time. Good options are guest bedroom, formal dining room and study.

8.When in doubt, go subtle: Going subtle doesnt mean that you forgo the design edge. Before you go all out on the wallpaper, think about how often you

like rearranging the space. If you like to keep changing dcor, choose a subtle pattern.

9.Seek professional help: Professionals offer more design ideas. They can also assist in finding the right pattern. Professionals will also give the

nearest estimate of the length requirement. Over buying or under buying is what you need to avoid.

10.Get more samples: You can never have enough samples. Wallpapers once bought cant be returned. Be completely sure of your choice before you buy in bulk.

Some samples may not be free but it is worth the investment.

Samples that are left behind can always be framed and used as wall dcor.

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