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5 Summer Design Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

5 Summer Design Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Summertime is the most awaited time of the year. It is time to spend on outdoor deck if you have sufficient finances. Every year the decking trends are changing, which means that there are a few new trends that can effortlessly make your deck look better each day and you will be able to enjoy the long days of summer.

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Summer Blues
You can choose to use varying different shades of blue on your deck. This helps to make the area more relaxing but can also be party ready all of the time. It is the newest trend that is in the market. There are so many different shades of blue that you can choose from depending on the style that you want for your deck. You can choose from coastal cool shades.

Warm hues for the hotter season
If you want to move away from the traditional designs in the market you can choose warmer shades to go with the climate. Vibrant shades are centre stage right now and if you want to truly embrace this trend you would need to choose bolder, solid outdoor furniture. However, if you only want to subtlety incorporate this trend into your deck you can just add a few bright pillows that can be placed around the deck.

Unplug and unwind
There are times when you can get thoroughly overwhelmed with the need to be connected always it is time for you to choose this trend. The deck is the most pleasant place to relax and unwind. This is where you need to make your unplugged zone. You can make it a technology-free zone with tailor-made cosy furniture that can allow you to disconnect and maybe read a good book or have a backyard barbecue with calming music.

Mix and match
You do not need to have all of your furniture matching all the time. You can start to pair different kinds of furniture according to their qualities and styles.

Get more out of your deck
The whole point of having a deck is so that you can create a calm and inviting space for yourself and your family. However, you do not always need to use your deck only during the summer. There are more people who are trying to spend more time on the deck you can add warmers and a bonfire so that you can use the place even during the cooler times of the year.

In conclusion, look for a vendor that provides good decking options that can help you get your dream deck and keep it up to trend. With a wide range of vendors in Singapore, this should not be a problem. Enjoy the sun and breeze of the beach in the comfort of your own home today!

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